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On average, online stores manage to convert just 3% of their visitors into customers. Use dynamic product ads to retarget visitors who visit product pages, add products to cart and don't check out. If you want to get people talking about your Shopify store or a specific product, contests are the way to go. Product giveaways encourage customers to comment and like and they also build excitement.

Once you've set yourself up with a way of collecting email addresses, and some quality email marketing content, you'll be in control of the customer-retailer relationship, and able to provide your audience with valuable updates and marketing material whenever you see fit.

It is now crunch time for us to set our Shopify stores up for maximal success this coming holiday season. Another effective remarketing strategy is to create coupons and discount codes and offer them to visitors who keep returning to your site or viewing certain product pages.

Adding your social media accounts to your store gives people easy access to your online community. By default, Shopify includes variant data in the product name, forcing you to a per-variant granularity level in your reports. Triggit has many different advertising options for their clients, but, like Perfect Audience, they seem to be focusing more on Facebook ads.

You can use it to easily gather email addresses, boost eCommerce conversions, and make more sales. (you can also reset enhanced eCommerce in GA) Helped me with 2 stores having no ecom data flowing. Remarketing helps you target ads to people who visited your store in the past.

Google Analytics is ready to go. You just need to configure your Shopify. These are all questions that can help you refine your ecommerce experience, and examining your visitor flow and conversion pathways in Google Analytics is an excellent way to identify these questions.

My objective with this ad was to build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction, but surprisingly it's also turned a large number of first-time customers into repeat Shopify customers within two days of their first purchase. It is unlikely that your visitors use Bing more often than Google or Twitter more often than Facebook.

Think of these people as hot leads; at least some of them abandoned due to distraction rather than not wanting the product. To win such customers back, give these cart abandoners something that makes them see their purchase as a great deal. A Facebook Dynamic Product Ad can automate all of the manual processes of creating ads for your products.

Over the last few years, I've helped 1000s of people online get results from there eCommerce store. This audience includes anyone who added a product to their cart within the past day, which gives you an audience of people who added to cart on their first day after leaving your website.

It relies on the fact that people increasingly want to be buying from people that they like - and so businesses are using social media as a platform to engage with their customer base in a way that we haven't seen since the old days of the village community.

Eventually I'd like tocreate a lookalike based on all customers who spent more than my average order value, or repeat customers and see how that works. In this episode, we talk about Yanne's individual journey, what makes his business successful, "the voice" he presents to customers, and the mindset he uses to stay successful.

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